New features on products by use of additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is opening a hole new world to engineering and production. This will be seen on new features and enhanced characteristics on products. The key elements are freedom of design and uniquepart production.

Designs that are not possible to manufacture by traditional way can by printed out. Other benefits include save on material consumption, reduced weight on parts and optimal product performance (flow, drag, temperaturedynamics etc). This is called topology optimisation. Number of components can be reduced to minimun on assemblies. This improves safety on products, makes installation easy and reduce logistics etc. The parts scan be produced near the location of end use.

To get benefit of AM together with business potential requires a new attitude to product design and engineering. Good knowledge of AM technology is required for successfull applications.

We specialize in AM technology and smart use of engineering. This includes evaluating AM potential, choosing of right AM technology and optimization of product design for AM production.
New innovations by smart use of new technology.